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[2024.05.15] Final versions of UNEA6 outcome documents are now available on UNEP website. For convenience, I have compiled them into a zipfile on my home page, and the documents for UNEA6, prepared by the Secretariat, are also available here..

[2024.05.06] My notes on the Climate, Energy and Environment Ministers meeting communique is uploaded here.

[2024.05.03]   The fourth session of the Plastics Intergovernmental Negotiation Committee (in Ottawa, Canada) concluded around 04:00 am on 30th April 2024. There were enormous number of issues that require further negotiations before the fifth session of INC (INC-5) to be held in Pusan, Republic of Korea starting late November 2024, and thus INC-4 agreed to hold Intersessional Ad-hoc Open-ended Expert Groups to address technical issues. According to IISDs ENB, these Groups are expected to address;

= develop an analysis of potential sources and means that could be mobilized for implementation of the objectives of the instrument develop an analysis of potential sources and means that could be mobilized for implementation of the objectives of the instrument including options for the establishment of a financial mechanism, alignment of financial flows, and catalyzing finance; and

= analyze criteria and non-criteria-based approaches, with regard to plastic products and chemicals of concern in plastic products and product design, focusing on recyclability and reusability of plastic products considering their uses and applications.

INC-4 also agreed to convene a Legal Drafting Group which will be held at INC-5, and thus it will be dealing only legal textual correctness, not the remaining substantive provisions of the final draft of the instruments.

Additional points are contained in my personal summary.

The INC-4 webpage is https://www.unep.org/inc-plastic-pollution/session-4, in which you may find a list of negotiation texts (full of brackets and alternatives) here;



1. 主要な文書のパッケージ

2. 私の個人的なノート

3. 条約草案の目次

4. プラスティックスの科学という報告書がINC-4サイトにありますが、そのサマリー部分のみ DeepL(無料版)で便宜翻訳したものを、ここに置きました




日本のおかしな外国語 (2024.04.18に改訂しました。。)   



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